Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gross & Romanick Collects $525,000 Judgment

The Law Firm Gross & Romanick, P.C. located in Fairfax, Virginia, is pleased to announce that, on April 20, 2010, it was able to successfully collect in excess of $500,000 on a judgment rendered by the Fairfax County Circuit Court in 2008. Despite facing stiff opposition from both the judgment debtor and numerous garnishees represented by some of the nation's largest and best known law firms, the attorneys of Gross & Romanick prevailed in recovering a judgment from a debtor with seemingly unlimited resources that considered the judgment to be a great miscarriage of justice.

In 2008, Xyrous Communications, LLC obtained a judgment in excess of $800,000 against the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company. Through various collection proceedings, Xyrous was able to recover a little over $300,000 before reaching a dead-end and turning to Gross & Romanick. The attorneys of Gross & Romanick began investigating and, almost immediately, found bank accounts of the judgment debtor with Citibank that contained over three million euro. Garnishment of these accounts, however, proved to be extremely difficult as Citibank removed the garnishment proceedings to federal court and interposed a defense to the garnishment proceedings based upon the New York separate entity doctrine. The judgment debtor also appeared in the garnishment action seeking to have the entire proceeding dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and service of process. Gross & Romanick successfully rebuked the judgment debtor's attacks in the opinion reported by Virginia Lawyers' Weekly. While continuing to pursue the garnishment against Citibank, Gross & Romanick began additional collection procedures by garnishing T-Mobile USA, Inc. and AT&T Corp. While AT&T confessed that it maintained a relationship with the judgment debtor that was financially significant enough to pay off the judgment, the judgment debtor again intervened and suggested various technical defenses.

During a specially set hearing in the Fairfax County Circuit Court, the attorneys of Gross & Romanick successfully persuaded the Court to order payment to the judgment creditor. In a span of less than two years, Gross & Romanick will have managed to collect the entire balance of a judgment against a large foreign corporation with nearly unlimited assets that the judgment creditor had once thought to be uncollectible. In addition, the attorneys of Gross & Romanick obtained a favorable reported decision from the Eastern District of Virginia that will be of immense aid to judgment creditors in maintaining jurisdiction in Virginia.

Fresh off victory against the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company, Gross & Romanick has now turned its attention to other international collection matters, including pursuing an energy conglomerate.

It is through collection proceedings that creditors and individuals that have been wronged are able to obtain actual recovery. Many companies and individuals overlook the collections process when hiring a law firm, but the attorneys of Gross & Romanick, P.C. have the rare combination of experience, intelligence, legal acumen and tenacity to succeed in recovering money when other attorneys and law firms have reached a dead end. If you have a judgment or a legal claim for the collection of money against a difficult debtor, consider using a law firm experienced in succeeding against the most difficult of foreign debtors: Gross & Romanick.